Cascade Casino Chatham has rewarded its employees with new and improved contracts amid unprecedented circumstances to ensure that gaming venues can retain their workforce during these difficult times. Recent contract proposals have faced severe support across staff, with 87.3% agreeing to terms.

The gambling property is overseen by Gateway Casino & Entertainment and has had positive talks with the union represented by its employees about the contract situation. The agreement is due in November 2023, and will include wage increases in the process of shortening the contract period. Wages will rise by C$0.20 in Year 2, and union workers will rise by C$0.30 in the final year.

Dave Cashdi, chairman of Unipo Local 444, said the aim was to keep what workers had and improve it with new workplaces. The union currently represents 150 employees in the aforementioned gambling organization in Chatham. According to Mr Cathy Dee, the union has reached its target for an agreement and there have been no claimed concessions.

The revised contract also includes an additional bonus of C$20 per visit for first aid services such as chiropractic and massage therapy. Part-time employees can also earn up to three days of proxy time. In addition, there will also be changes in the balance of pick shift types, working hours, overtime, and breaks. 슬롯머신

The casino reopened in October for invitees only after it was first shut down in March 2020 due to restrictions on the first lockdown. It later closed again in December and reopened in February, most recently after the Ontario government allowed some businesses to resume. The current functioning game property is once again under the “invite guest only” policy and can accommodate 10 people at a time.

Gateway casino spokesman Rob Mitchell commented on the successfully negotiated agreement between the union and the supervising gaming company. According to Mitchell, the agreement was an important step for the future, given the difficult situation of reviving the country’s economy. He added that casinos will continue to strive to provide the best possible customer service in compliance with health and safety measures.

guarantee of the future
Unipo Local 444 has better news for unionists in Ontario. The union’s latest news claims to have successfully negotiated better retirement benefits for Caesars Windsor casino employees. The agreement between syndicate and gambling venues states that workers will have greater bonus incentives in addition to previous retirement opportunities.

Unable to reduce staff
Casino Rama has expressed hope to renew its gaming floor, with no operational status and no reopening date for its gaming properties. Casino reportedly plans to remove up to 400 slot machines and 20 table games for some refurbishment. However, the game leader was relieved that no employee would be fired after discussions with Unipo Local 1090, which represents nearly 1,050 employees at gambling venues.

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