Bayern Munich’s 2023-2024 season collapse was the last thing anyone saw coming.

“The club and coach Thomas Tuchel have mutually decided to terminate their contractual relationship, which was originally scheduled to run until June 30, 2025, on June 30, 2024,” Bayern announced on its official website on Monday. This is the result of constructive discussions between Bayern Munich CEO Jan Christian Dresen and Tuchel,” the club said, officially announcing the parting of ways.

At the start of the 2023-2024 season, no one could have imagined how the Bavarians would fall apart. Even with the sudden dismissal of Julian Nagelsmann in the 2022-2023 season and the disappointing performance of Tuchel as a firefighter, Bayern’s symbolism as the “world’s strongest team” has always been strong.

This season, there have been some signings that have reinforced that symbolism. 스포츠토토 With Harry Kane, the best striker in the world, and Kim Min-Jae, a wallflower center back, the Bavarians have strengthened across all positions. The lack of a center back has been criticized, but the squad as a whole has no weaknesses.

However, as we all know, Bayern’s world is about to come crashing down.

The fact that Tuchel is expected to part ways with the club in the middle of the season, if not at the end of it, shows just how serious their problems are. Their back-to-back Bundesliga titles are likely to come to an end, and they’re even expected to finish the season irrelevant.

As Germany’s AZ put it, ‘Bayern must have realized that sacking Nagelsmann and appointing Tuchel was a mistake. Tuchel’s failure was analyzed by AZ, which said: ‘Bayern must have realized that they made a mistake by sacking Nagelsmann and appointing Tuchel.

The media concluded: 바카라사이트 ‘Tuchel failed to make the improvements he had hoped for. Even under Tuchel, Bayern had no clear direction. Tuchel, like Nagelsmann, turned some parts of the team against him,” explaining the three reasons for Tuchel’s failure.

Finally, he concludes: ‘From this perspective, Nagelsmann may seem like the winner. Tuchel and Bayern have suffered more damage to their image.

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