Ahn has secured her ninth title of the year and is now preparing for the Asian Games.

For reigning World No. 1 Ahn Se-young, Japan’s Yamaguchi was no longer the enemy.

Ahn’s confidence was boosted by her world championship victory last month.

[Local commentary: “It’s perfect, it’s really perfect Ahn Se-young.”]

[Local commentary: “What a great angle!”]

With attacks from all corners of the court, she took the first set in just 14 minutes.

In the second set, it was all about cleverness.

He outmaneuvered the diminutive Yamaguchi, and even when he was in danger of being broken, he escaped with skillful adjustments.

With the set score 2-0 in her favor, Ahn celebrated her victory with her trademark ceremonies, winning her fourth consecutive tournament and ninth of the year.

Ahn has now defeated one Asian Games opponent after another in this tournament to complete the final check.

[Ahn Se-young / National Badminton Team: “When I play with Yamaguchi, I just think that I need to be patient and play a lot, so that’s what I’m focusing on.”]

In mixed doubles, Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yu-jung continued their World Championship winning ways.

With quick attacks and steady defense, they defeated France’s Tom Zickel-Delfin Delhui to win their second consecutive title.

At the China Open, held 200 kilometers away in Hangzhou, 카지노사이트넷 Korea Badminton collected two gold medals, a silver and a bronze, setting the stage for the Asian Games.

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