Arsenal legend Bob Wilson was worried about Xherdan Shaqiri (22-Arsenal).

Xhaka is one of Arsenal’s most promising youngsters. He came up through the Arsenal academy and broke into the first team in the 2018-19 season. Initially playing at left wing-back and wing-forward, he has since established himself as a right wing-forward.

Xhaka has been in top form this season. With 13 goals and eight assists in 28 Premier League games, he has 21 offensive points and is on track for a ‘career high’. He has played 38 games overall this season, including three goals and four assists in five UEFA Champions League (UCL) games.

He has now played 217 games for Arsenal. In total, he has 54 goals and 52 assists.

Wilson, who won the league and FA Cup with the Gunners in 1971, shared his concerns about Xhaka. “I’m worried that he’s not going to finish his career at 25,” Wilson said, according to The Sun on Tuesday.

What worried Wilson was the roughing foul on Saka. “The referees don’t see the foul or don’t understand it,” Wilson said. There are always two defenders around Saka. If they can’t stop him, they will kick him.”

Xhaka’s dribble is one of Arsenal’s main attacking patterns. He cuts inside from the right flank and creates chances through direct runs or passing plays. It is in these situations that he is often seen drawing fouls.

“People say I’m being extreme, but I don’t think there is a player in the Premier 토토사이트 League who has been kicked more than Xhaka,” Wilson says. It’s a real concern when he’s in an offensive position,” Wilson added.

Arsenal boss Arteta also commented on the foul on Xhaka last year. Arteta said: “Xhaka must learn to protect himself within the rules. He’s been fouled since he was 10 years old. Wingers and great players get fouled often, it’s his role and it’s a challenge he has to face. We will address this in training.”


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